Can Online Blackjack be Trusted?

Gambling online is far easier than gambling at land-based casinos. You can be at your home or on a moving bus and play games online. You are also not limited to a few games and you won't need to transport yourself to a physical structure before you can gamble online. Online casinos offer players a wide range of casino games to enjoy right on their desktop or mobile devices. One of these games is online blackjack, which is played the same way as the land-based version. However, some players often wonder if online blackjack is safe to play and if it can be trusted. This article will give you an answer to that. Visit to find the best blackjack casinos online.

How to Play Blackjack

Before we explain if online blackjack can be trusted or not, lets first discuss how to play the game. If you are a conversant blackjack player, you will know that blackjack is played using standard cards. It is a game where players will play against the house (dealer) in an attempt to have the best hand. Before you can win in blackjack, you will need to beat the dealer's hands by having cards which when summed up is higher than the dealer's cards but not more than 21. If you end up having cards more than 21 in blackjack, you will lose the game round to the house no matter what the value of the dealer's cards is. You can play online blackjack at casinos below.

  • Play Frank Casino
  • Frank and Fred Casino
  • Dunder Casino
  • 888 Casino

To begin a blackjack game, you will need to place your bets. After that, the dealer will deal 2 cards to you and himself. Once you've received your cards, you will have to decide how to proceed with the game. There are several actions available on blackjack. The Hit option lets you request an extra card so as to increase your current hand. The Stand option is used when you don't want an extra card. There is also the double down option that allows you to easily double the initial bet you placed. The last common action is Split. This can only be used if you have a pair as initial cards. Using it will split the pair into two hands.

The Measures Put in Place in Blackjack

There are several measures that have been put in place to make online blackjack safe to play. Online blackjack games are designed by game developers. Some of these game developers have several years of experience and provide high-quality games. Online blackjack uses a Random Number Generator to randomize the issuing of cards. The random number generator makes it difficult for players to predict which cards they will be issued. Besides that, it makes the game fair so that players can have the same chance of winning as well as the dealer. The RNG is a computer code that generates millions of combinations within seconds to make the outcome of the game completely random. The RNG is also protected so it's almost impossible to steal the code.

Besides the RNG, online casinos also install different security measures on their website to protect players. They use technologies such as SSL to scramble their website and make it impossible for hackers to tamper with the games or player's information. You can check if an online casino site is secure by taking a look at the URL in the browser's address bar. If you see a padlock or key symbol behind the casino's URL, then it means that it is secure. Online casinos and developers also audit their blackjack games regularly to make sure that it is safe. In some cases, they may provide the audit report on their website so that you can access it and see how safe the game is.

Summary and Conclusion

Throughout this comprehensive guide, we have explained how you can play online blackjack. We've outlined the rules of the game, the different moves allowed as well as how you can win while playing the game. Additionally, we have also discussed the different measures that online casinos have put in place to make sure that their blackjack games are safe to play. From the RNG used in the game to the SSL encryption technologies used to encrypt a casino website, you can be sure that the game is not rigged. However, when choosing a casino, make sure that the casino is licensed by a top gambling commission and it has a good reputation in the industry.


Last modified: 22 January 2021